Can Grass Fed Beef Heal Your Gut?

August 08, 2018

Can Grass Fed Beef Heal Your Gut?

Yes, absolutely.

There’s totally a way to live that supports animal welfare, sustainable farming techniques, and the environment while eating tasty creature foods that heal your body instead of harming it. Yes, I said to heal, which is so much bigger than simply being “allowed” to eat this food source. This is a source of nutrients that can help knit your weak ligaments back together, help correct your omega-3 deficiency, calm your inflammation, and infuse your body with an intense amount of nutrients. Plus, for us chronically ill, eating a generous amount of the correct balance of essential amino acids is an absolute must.

By finding and supporting smaller farms that offer organic, grass-fed beef as we have here at Big G Ranch, we offer the benefit of eating this type of meat as the incomparable alternative to its factory-farmed, mass-marketed counterpart. 

Anti-Inflammatory & Omega 3’s

Omega 3's, that supplement so trendy at the moment, is authentically known for its ability to calm the immune system, help you burn fat, heal allergies, and most important for us, calm inflammation. That’s why this powerhouse fat (yes, it's a fat) is quickly gaining recognition amongst autoimmune and arthritis patients, as well as those dealing with obesity. Where do you find it? Only in animal products from animals eating their natural diet! Some of the top food sources of Omega 3's include butter from grass-fed cows, full-fat dairy, and grass-fed beef. 

Not to mention that grass-fed meat has up to 4x more Omega-3’s than its industrial counterpart and, in an Omega-3 deficient nation, that’s important. It’s been estimated that only 40% of Americans get enough Omega-3’s in their diet.

This is why there exists a culture of meat-eaters who never have inflammation. Think of the amazing health of Native Americans, Inuit, the Khoi San, and others. Because when people eat healthy, grazing animals, these nutritious fats actually lowered inflammation rather than created it. Not rocket science is it?

Vitamins, Minerals, and Antioxidants

Once upon a time, when many of us were embracing a vegetarian lifestyle, we used to think all meat was simply protein, fat was simply fat, and that I could get enough of both from plant sources. I didn’t realize that grass-fed meat, meaning protein and fat, has loads of fat-soluble vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, a true savior for many who suffer from gut issues and autoimmune disorders. 

When targeted studies were conducted on cultures that continued to eat traditional diets from their ancestors, scientists found that they consumed 3-4 times the mineral content as contemporary Americans and over 10 times the amount of fat-soluble vitamins. That’s significantly more and synthetic vitamins and supplements simply don't meet the body's needs — indeed many of them are actually toxic in high doses. That’s why eating grass-fed meat and organs (the liver, heart, and more), chock-full of fat-soluble vitamins, will rebuild the body back to good health with the 'food as medicine' approach.


Prevents the Blood Sugar Roller-coaster

Eating protein from animal sources is one of the best ways to prevent your body from riding the blood sugar roller-coaster. Relying on grains, beans, and starches as a protein source will exacerbate the issue, especially when fats are limited. Allowing yourself to eat and enjoy grass-fed, farm-raised beef is by far the simplest, most affordable, and natural way to heal your gut and maintain a general sense of well being. There are countless ways to justify embracing a meat-healing, gut calming diet and we're so pleased to know you have chosen our Big G Ranch beef to be a part of your good food, good health story.

Sections of this blog post were quoted from the publication, "Meat That Heals, Heal Endo."

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