Ground Beef & Roast Pack (#770E)

BIG G Ranch, AZ • Ear Tag #770E • 100% Grass Fed Black Angus

Who doesn't love burgers? We know we sure do!

As much as we all love a good burger, how much do we all know about what separates a good burger from an amazing, incredible, write-home-to-mom kind of burger? At Big G Ranch we know the difference between a decent burger and a great one is really, really simple: 

The meat. Plain and simple. Good, grass-fed meat makes a really great burger. 

But, why stop at just burgers? Our pack also includes roast cut beef perfect for the slow cooker, simmer pot, and larger family gatherings. 

Our delicious Ground Beef package includes the following: 

  • (5) Ground meat packages at 1 lbs ea.
  • (1) Top Round or /chuck roast at 3.5 lbs ea.


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