Whole Beef - 9.45 / LB.

100% Grass Fed & Grass Finished Black Angus Beef

Yield: Approximately 360 to 380 pounds of beef.

Freezer space required: Approx. 14 cubic feet

All orders require a 50% non - refundable deposit. Big G Ranch is Arizona of Agriculture licensed. The license number is 8003161. 

Free delivery (one stop only) within the Phoenix Metropolitan area. Grass Fed AND Finished Black Angus beef. No added hormones, no antibiotics ever. Our animals have NEVER eaten Corn, Soybean meal or other nasties. All animals are approximately 20 month old at time of harvesting. The meat cuts are vacuum sealed and last easily one year in your freezer. 

All beef is Beef Quality assured (BQA). This offer means that you are getting Rib Eye steaks, Porterhouse, T-Bones and Tenderloin at wholesale pricing. Imagine a pound of Rib eye Steak - Grass Fed and Finished - for 9.45 US$ to 9.95 US$'s a pound. Plus, you get ground beef, roasts, flank steak, skirt steak, stew meat, bones for broth, etc.

To order simply send an e-mail to biggranchbeef@gmail.com or text to number 480-387-1813 and someone will be in touch to assist you with the whole process. 

Order your quarter, half or whole beef today!

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