Transparency and traceability. The animals we ranch are only sent to market after it has sold 100% of its meat shares, all come from local Arizona family farmers and the cattle is raised with love, humanely, and ethically.

We are true believers of the 'head to tail' methods; nothing of the cow is ever wasted. If there is a section or part of the cow you are interested in and do not see it in any of our share offerings, please contact us directly at owner@biggranch.com.

At Big G Ranch, you share a cow with others. When 100% of ‘your’ cow is sold, and not before, it gets transported to the butcher. The average time between order and delivery is approximately three weeks to allow time for the full cow to be sold and a further two weeks for the meat to mature.

  • Throughout the process, we'll send you email updates.
  • You’ll receive a message when your cow has been fully sold. Usually, this process takes approximately 7 calendar days.
  • Customer service will let you know when your cow has been sent to be prepared for cutting and we’ll be able to give you a precise delivery date for your meat, (approximately three (3) weeks ahead of time).
  • Prior to the week of your scheduled delivery, Big G Ranch will send a notification via email to remind you that your beef is on the way. At this point, we’ll also give you the option to change your delivery day and information. For more info on this, you can visit our Delivery and Shipping pages. 
  • Lastly, the evening before your meat box is out for delivery, Big G Ranch will arrange for a 'track and trace' number that will allow you to follow its journey and likely time of arrival.
  • Your meat will be delivered frozen; be sure to read fully the enclosed handling and preparations insert that will accompany your beef order.


Big G Ranch cattle are never fed antibiotics or growth hormones throughout the course of their lives. It is imperative that we only offer ethically, humanely raised and ranched beef to our customers. 

Our meat is 100% pure and natural - we don’t add sugar, binding agents, preservatives, dyes or other artificial additives - all our cows are happy cows. They live a healthy, contented life, with plenty of space to roam and graze. And we think you'll agree - the proof is in our beef.

We are currently offering; Beef Lover Starter Pack, a Chef's Choice, the popular BBQ Select option, Stew Meat & Bones for broth and soups and an a la carte option for unique offerings not listed. 

Are you a restauranteur, chef, meat shop, butcher or boutique grocery retailer? We are actively inviting a select few to become one on our Big G Ranch wholesale partners. Be sure to contact us on our Partners page. 

Bulk discount offerings are available however you must contact us directly. Please reach out to owner@biggranch.com for details.

We understand not every household has the space for a full-size freezer allocated only for your crowd beef shares, however, most of our beef share offerings fit nicely in a standard kitchen refrigerator.  

Want to give the gift of humanely, ethically raised, delicious Arizona beef to a family member, friend, co-worker or associate? You can! Purchase a unique Big G Ranch e-card on our Gift Card page

If you are a farmer's market coordinator and feel our Big G Ranch meats would be a great addition to your community, please email us at sales@biggranch.com.

We currently accept Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover and PayPal forms of payment for all beef share purchases and any further online merchandise transaction.