Transparency and traceability. The animals we ranch are only sent to market after it has sold 100% of its meat shares, all come from local Arizona family farmers and the cattle is raised with love, humanely, and ethically.

We are true believers of the 'head to tail' methods; nothing of the cow is ever wasted. If there is a section or part of the cow you are interested in, please contact us directly at owner@biggranch.com.




Big G Ranch cattle are never fed antibiotics or growth hormones throughout  their lives. It is imperative that we only offer ethically, humanely raised, and ranched beef to our customers. 

Our meat is 100% pure and natural - we don’t add sugar, binding agents, preservatives, dyes, or other artificial additives - all our cows are happy cows. They live a healthy, contented life, with plenty of space to roam and graze. And we think you'll agree - the proof is in our beef.

We understand not every household has the space for a full-size freezer allocated only for your crowd beef shares, however, most of our beef share offerings fit nicely in a standard kitchen refrigerator.  

If you are a farmer's market coordinator and feel our Big G Ranch meats would be a great addition to your community, please email us at sales@biggranch.com.

We currently accept these forms of credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, and Discover