Farm to Table

Farm to Table

Farm To Table

If you buy steaks, burger meat, bones for broth and more and you believe it was raised on a farm and then you prepare it and serve it at the table, does that mean all meat is 'farm-to-table?' 

Absolutely not.

The fact of the matter is, there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to how 'farm-to-table; is defined, however generally if you know the exact farm or ranch where your beef or livestock meat comes from, if you know they're raising their animals ethically, humanely and with no added hormones, antibiotics and no pesticides on the cattle's food, and, so important, if you have made the decision to cut out the 'middleman' (the grocery store for instance) then you can be confident you and your family are eating farm-to-table.

This means what though? In terms of Big G Ranch 

Well, it's like this; even though some meat you find say, at your local butcher or even boutique grocer, might come from a small farm nearby, it could end up traveling a  long way from that farm just to be processed. Dedicated customers who care deeply about knowing exactly where their food is coming from having to go the extra mile and make sure they know where their rancher is prepping their meat for sale and whether that facility meets even your bar of quality before you buy into the beef. Big G Ranch guarantees each and every cut and we assure you we're doing all the legwork for you. Find out more about our Freshness Promise. 

So whether it's being confident you can trust Big G Ranch and our farmers, or that it's the simple fact that we assure our farms are located in safe, environmentally sound, healthy locations within the Arizona territory,  or that we promise complete transparency from head to tail, you can know without a doubt, buying Big G Ranch beef is the smartest, safest, healthiest choice you're making for you, your family and our planet.