Quality & Freshness Promise

Quality & Freshness Promise

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At Big G Ranch, we commit to supplying only the most humanely ranched, ethically farm raised, freshest beef found in Arizona. Our commitment to our valued customers. We promise that at all time these protocols have been met to provide the best conditions for the animals thereby providing you our customers the highest quality beef money can buy.

These statements support no usage of;

Antibiotics of any kind (all cattle given antibiotics must be tagged as having received them and will not be accepted into the Big G Ranch program).

Cattle supplied to big G Ranch are prohibited from ever receiving the following:

From time to time we implement a review process to continually monitor and hold to our highest standards, those farms, and ranchers who Big G Ranch is partnered with for our beef supply. To this point, our ranch reserves the right to modify any protocol at any time to protect the quality of the product being produced. Big G Ranch strongly recommends an aggressive health program that includes vaccinating against clostridial and respiratory diseases, controlling internal and external parasites and a well-balanced vitamin and mineral program that enhances the immune system.