Our Story

What makes Big G Ranch so unique?

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BIG G Ranch processes its animals only after they are nearly 100% sold. Our cattle are humanely raised, ethically ranched, and treated gently and mindfully. When you are raising an animal with humane practices, you are assuring the freshest and highest quality beef with a two to three-week dry-aging process. This means your beef is the highest grade and is bursting with healthy nutrients and flavor.

We are proud to say that next to nothing of our cows are ever wasted. We will not import animals from out of state thereby assuring the lowest environmental footprint (carbon oxide emissions). 

As the customer, you will always know what you are eating and where it was raised.

We believe it is better to eat less but better!  

BIG G RANCH Mission 

Big G Ranch believes that all cattle, but more specifically the animals ranched in our state of Arizona, need to be freed from the restrictions and inhumane conditions of factory-farming methods, in which animals are kept in overcrowded conditions and antibiotics and hormones are often administered. Therefore, Big G Ranch farming partners naturally raise livestock, true to the land, humane, and in a sustainable way; ethically designed to bring you the finest tasting grass-fed beef available to your table.

The Big G Ranch Philosophy 

Our philosophy values the well-being of our animals above all, therefore, guaranteeing the beef we offer meets the highest quality standards. We work only within our exclusive network of small, independent family farmers and ranchers and we thrive to become the leader in sustainable and humane agriculture practices in the Southwest.

Big G Ranch is on a mission to become the leading farm-to-table supplier of organic grass-fed beef which has been raised and taken to market humanely and responsibly for the local resident, business owners, and communities within Arizona. We stand by our belief and we are here to provide our neighbors the very best tasting meat ever offered. 

Our Story