BBQ Select (#770E)

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BIG G RANCH, AZ • Ear Tag #770E • 100% Grass Fed Black Angus

Who's the Grill Master in your life? Dad? Grandpa? Mom? 

No matter who's the undisputed Champion of the Charcoal in your house, our BBQ Select package will give your family the purest, best-tasting, most ethically raised and processed meat available on the market today, put together for you in a collection of cuts that will make your next BBQ unforgettably delicious. 

The BBQ Select package includes the following: 

  • (2) Package Beef Ribs 
  • (1) Round Steak 
  • (1) Sirloin Tip or Top Sirloin Steak 
  • (1) Brisket 
Due to high demand for this particular package, the purchasing of this offering features all of the above options in their entirety. 

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